Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Scheduling

After several days of moping around the house in my jammies, watching reruns of Charmed and eating way too many Christmas leftovers, I decided I need a schedule.

Day One's schedule went something like this:

7:00 AM Go to the Y
9:00 AM Retrieve a motion from the clerk's office to use as a writing sample
10:00PM Search job sites, edit resumes, get transcripts
12:30PM Meditation
1:30 PM Creative writing, jewelry making
3:00 PM Call potential contacts for referral cases
5:00 PM Violin lesson

Day One's activites went more like this:

7:00 AM Curse at alarm clock, hit snooze
8:00 AM Go to Y. Wonder how it is that people get addicted to this exercise thing. Curse the elliptical machine and all it's evilness.
10:30AM Attempt to park to go to clerk's office. Curse the new mayor for blocking off all the streets for his coronation.
11:00AM At clerk's office, try to remember how to get something from a file when you don't have a pass to get to the back. Curse.
12:00PM Start searching job sites. Don't edit resume as there is nowhere to send it, anyway. Curse the economy.
1:00 PM Meditate.
1:03 PM Curse.
1:04 PM Decide am too chicken-shit to call other lawyers for referral cases.
1:05 PM Watch Dr. Who
2:00 PM Fantasize about writing for a TV show about a supernaturally gifted unemployed lawyer who travels through time.

You get the idea. Okay, so maybe I need to revise my scheduling a bit. Although I'm not giving up on that TV show.


  1. I'm so glad you're back to blogging, even though the circumstances suck.

  2. You should at least keep the Charmed reruns in the schedule. You can never get bored of those witches... I'm just sayin'